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Creating a Sales Order for Fashion Products

Last updated 05/10/2017

This article explores sales orders for fashion products in more detail.


Fashion products often have multiple colors and multiple sizes. Cin7's size color grid allows for the speedy entry of fashion products into an order by removing the need to add a new line item for each color and size.

To sell a fashion item, the product must first be set up correctly. For more information on how to set up a fashion product, see Creating Fashion Products.

Adding Fashion Products to an order

Create a Sales Order as normal, as described in Creating a Sales Order.

Upon adding a fashion product to the order, the Option 3 field will contain a drop-down, that will allow you to enter quantities against multiple colors and sizes at the same time:

After entering your quantities into these fields and clicking Save, you will be able to see a breakdown of the sizes in the Option 3 field. The Qty Ordered field will show the total items for that particular line item.

Dispatching Fashion Products

As with a normal Sales Order, entering a date into the Fully Dispatched field will dispatch all items that are able to be dispatched automatically.

To manually dispatch line items, click into the Qty Dispatch column, and then click Save.