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Updating Orders in Bulk

Last updated 30/10/2020

How to update multiple orders at the same time.

Bulk Updating Orders

To update multiple orders at the same time:

  1. In the Sales Orders list page, check the Sales Orders you would like to update.
  2. Hover over the Actions button, and select Bulk Update.
  3. In the next page you can either update all selected orders with the same information, by entering it into the fields in the dark gray header row. Once you have entered data into the header row you will see that it is copied to all orders. See Stage in the example below.
    - or -
    Update individual orders with different information by entering data into the relevant fields. This is helpful if you want to enter in large amounts of data quickly. See Tracking Code in the example below.
  4. Click Save to save all the data that has been entered.

Adding New Fields to the Bulk Update Action

There are some additional fields not included in the Bulk Update page by default.

  • Project Name
  • ETD
  • Tracking Code
  • Payment Terms
  • Carrier Invoice Date
  • SSCC No Stage
  • Internal Comments
  • Discount Description
  • Delivery Instructions
  • EDI Status
  • Customer PO No
  • 3PL Status

You can switch these on from the settings page; see Sales Order Settings for more information.


Can you bulk update the Fully Dispatched date?

Because the Fully Dispatched date triggers other functions in the system, it is not possible to dispatch orders in bulk.

There is no option to bulk update [this field]?

Double check the settings; the field you want may already be available but not switched on (see above). If you cannot find it, contact the Cin7 Support team to have investigate being adding it for you.