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Managing sales orders

Last updated 28/03/2021


The Orders screen is used to view sales orders required to be picked and to prepare orders for picking individually or with Pick Groups that organize how many orders or items are picked at a time. 

Viewing and filtering orders

  • By default, all open sales orders with a stage set to “New” are listed in the Orders screen.
  • A menu of filter options can be found by selecting the Filter icon. 

  • After setting filter options, select Apply filters to change what orders are being viewed.
  • Applied filters can be saved as a preset view. Saved preset views can be from the Filter menu.

Filter options

Date and Status

Options can be selected to view Open orders, or to view orders that were Created, have an ETD, or were Dispatched within 30 days of the current date.

Product Quantity

Select to view orders with a specific quantity range.

Stock Status

Options can be selected to view orders with Available, Partial (partially available), or No Stock available.


Options to view orders set at different stages. Options depend on the stages set up in a specific Cin7 account.


Select to view orders with a delivery address in a specified country. 


Select to view orders from specified sales channels.


Select to view sales orders that have instructions in the “Freight description” field.

About Pick Groups

  • When the Orders screen is filtered to view orders that are required to be picked, the orders can be divided into Pick Groups.
  • Pick Groups are used to set the maximum number of orders or products to be picked at a time.
Options to print packing slips or to use a scanner
  • The Orders screen can be set to print packing slips or when using a scanner.
  • Select the Print link, then choose “Print Packing Slip”, “Print Consolidated Packing Slip”, or “Don’t Print” when using a scanner.

Creating Pick Groups

  1. Enter a maximum quantity in the “Max Orders” or “Max Products” field.
  2. Select Calculate Pick Groups.
  • A Pick Group number is assigned to each order in the Orders screen. 
  • Pick Groups are sorted by location as set up in the CRM for the branch.

Releasing orders to pick and printing packing slips

  • Select Print or Pick to release Pick Groups or selected products to pick.
  • Orders released to pick no longer display in the Orders screen.