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Racking products

Last updated 28/03/2021


The Racking screen is used to put away recently received items and to move items between locations in a warehouse.

Selecting products for racking

  1. Select Show product(s) without location or scan a product or use the “Search product” field.
  2. For products with multiple locations, select the location the product will be moved from.
  3. Selected products appear under “Item(s) to Rack”.
  • “Item(s) to Rack” can be sorted by Product or Location.

Selecting a racking location  

  1. In the “Rack Into” dropdown field, click Select Location.
  2. Under “items racked”, select a zone and bin or scan a location barcode. 
  3. Select Save.

Racking products into a location

  1. Select one or more products under "Items to Rack".
  2. Products appear under “items racked”.
  3. Select Complete  
  • Products can be racked into multiple locations in one movement. To add a location, select another zone and bin under “items racked” and select Save.