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Receiving purchase orders

Last updated 28/03/2021


This article explains how the Receiving screen is used to select and receive purchase orders in a warehouse or branch, with options to receive into specific zones and bins.

Selecting orders to receive

  1. Select purchase orders in the dropdown field, or scan orders.
  2. Orders appear under “Item(s) to Receive”.
  • “Item(s) to Receive” can be sorted by Product, Location, or OrderRef (PO number).

Receiving a complete purchase order

  1. Select an item under “Item(s) to Receive”.
  2. Select the plus sign for each quantity of the item.
  3. Repeat until all items for an order appear under “Items Received”.
  4. Select Complete. 
  • If some items in an order have not been received, a message appears advising that a back-order will be created for the remaining items.

Options for receiving into locations

Location options can be selected in the “Receive Into” dropdown menu in “items received”. 

Last Location

An item is received into the last location used for that product. 

No Location

An item is received into No Location when receiving a product for the first time. 

  • It is recommended to use No Location when Racking is enabled in Settings.
Select Location

An item is given a location as it is received. A zone and bin is selected under “items received”.

  • When Select Location is used, the selected zone and bin become the Last Location for that product.