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Warehouse Management Settings

Last updated 26/03/2021



This article shows available options in the Warehouse Management Settings screen. Through Settings, configurations, functions, and automation features are applied to a specific warehouse or other branch.  

Accessing Warehouse Management Settings

In the left navigation pane, select Settings.

General Settings

Change Branch

Select the warehouse or other branch where warehouse management is being used.

Scanner Type

Select BlueTooth or Other.


Auto Invoice Date

Sets the current date as the invoice date for a purchase order when it is received.

Default Sort

Sets the Receiving screen to sort orders by Product, Order Ref (ie, the PO number), or Location.

Default Location

Sets purchase orders to be received into a product’s Last Location or No Location, or to allow users to Select Location when receiving purchase orders.


Racking functionality can be enabled, with Default Sort and Default Location options.


Picking functionality can be enabled, with Default Sort options.

Enable Totes

Allows orders to be assigned to totes when picked.

Enable Multiple Totes

Select Yes for pickers to assign multiple orders to a single tote, or No for pickers to assign each order to a single tote.


Auto Invoice Date

Sets the current date as the invoice date for a sales order when it is dispatched.


Shipping Integration

A shipping aggregator solution can be selected for printing labels in the packing process.

  • Some settings in Cin7 must be applied before selecting a shipping integration in Warehouse Management.
  • Settings assure shipping solution fields map to Warehouse Management fields

One-time setup to use Starshipit integration with Warehouse Management

  1. In Cin7, select Starshipit under “Integrations” in the left navigation pane.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Add Package under “Package Options”.
  4. Enter a name and dimensions for a preset box in Starshipit. (See Starshipit for details.) 
  5. Select Save.