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Installing Amazon FBA

Last updated 01/02/2021

How to install and configure Amazon FBA integration in Cin7.


Cin7 connects to your Amazon FBA, syncing inventory and reducing admin tasks for faster fulfillment when you hold products in your own warehouses, 3PLs, or retail stores.

Installing Amazon FBA to Cin7

To install the Amazon FBA integration into Cin7:

  1. From the left navigation, select App Store.
  2. Search for Amazon FBA, then select Request App Installation, then Install.
  3. Navigate to the app, which can now be found in the Admin menu in the left navigation, and then select it.

Configuring Amazon FBA in Cin7

Before you can connect Amazon Seller to your Cin7 account, you must first obtain the following credentials:

  • Seller ID
  • Marketplace ID (found here)
  • MWS Authorization Token

These credentials are generated in the User Permissions section in your Amazon Seller Central account.  Alternatively, if you have Amazon Seller on your Cin7 account, you can copy the credentials from that integration.

To obtain an MWS Authorization Token, see the Connecting Cin7 to Amazon Seller Help article for additional information.


  1. Log in to Cin7 using your Administrator account.
  2. Under the Settings menu, select Integrations and then select your Amazon FBA integration.
  3. Select Settings on the top right to set up Branch Orders and daily scheduling.
  4. Select Connect on the left.
  5. Select the FBA region from the drop-down.
  6. Enter your Amazon Seller ID, Marketplace ID, and the MWS Authorization you obtained earlier.
  7. Select Save Connection Settings to connect Cin7 to the app.