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Setting Up a 3PL Connection

Last updated 01/02/2021

How to prepare your account for 3PL integration.


Cin7 3PL integrations allow both Sales Orders and Branch Transfers to be dispatched via Cin7.

For more general information, see 3PL Overview.

For an explanation of how to process a 3PL delivery, see Using your 3PL Connection.

Preparing Your Cin7 Account

Create a new Branch or Branches

Each 3PL that you use should be created as a separate branch in Cin7. Stock can therefore be transferred to your 3PL and stock holdings will be visible at any time.

To set up a Branch, see the Creating a Branch Help article for additional information.

Make sure the name of your Branch ends with "3PL" (i.e., "Global Distributors 3PL").

Enable 3PL Settings

A few settings need to be turned on so you can view the status of each delivery.

To do so:

  1. While logged in as Administrator, select your username in the top right and then select Settings.
  2. Under the Sales menu, select Sales Order Settings.
  3. From the Additional Search Fields menu, select 3PL.
  4. From the Show Additional Columns In The List menu, select 3PL.
  5. Select Save.

Configuring the Integration

First, the correct integration needs to be installed from the EDI Highway.

  1. From the left navigation, select Integrations, then select EDI Highway.
  2. From the 3PL tab, select your 3PL provider:
  3. This will create a new module in the left navigation under Integrations. 
    You may need to refresh the connection by select the sync button at the bottom of the left navigation.
  4. You will be taken to a Settings page, for the time being, just select Save.

To complete the connection, you will need to contact your Cin7 Onboarding specialist since. Depending on the connection, the process can vary. You can help expedite this process by providing Cin7 with:

  • For FTP connections:
    • Server details and passwords
  • For API connections:
    • Any relevant API keys and passwords

If you're unsure or unable to get this information, please provide the Cin7 Onboarding specialist a technical contact within your organization to assist in getting these details.