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Setting Up ShipBob 3PL Integration

Last updated 01/02/2021

How to set up ShipBob 3PL integration in your Cin7 account.


Manage inventory, streamline order workflows, and create a better customer experience with Cin7 and ShipBob. Cin7 automatically sends your ecommerce orders directly to ShipBob, and routes orders for dispatch from the location closest to your customer when you hold stock in multiple ShipBob warehouses. You’ll always know your ShipBob stock levels as you sell and restock, and your online customers will know when their order is on the way.

Setting Up Your Integration

1. Installing the ShipBob Integration to your CIN7 Account
  1. From the left navigation, select App Store.
  2. Search for "ShipBob", then select Request App Installation, then Install.
  3. Navigate to the app which is in the Integrations menu in the left navigation.


2. Contact the ShipBob 3PL Team for API Connection Tokens

Before you can connect ShipBob to your Cin7 account, you must first obtain your ShipBob API credentials. 

1. Contact the ShipBob Support team at support@shipbob.com.
2. Request your PAT / Privileged Action Token and Channel ID.

The Cin7 3PL team will also need your technical contact's name and email address.

3. Contact Cin7 to Complete the Setup

Provide the API connection token information to Cin7 so your credentials can be set up and basic testing and training can be provided.

1. Email your technical contact's name and email address, and your ShipBob API credentials, to the Cin7 3PL Team at 3pl@cin7.com.
2. A member of the Cin7 3PL team will contact you and assist with setting up the credentials on your Cin7 account.
3. The Cin7 3PL team will coordinate basic integration testing to ensure connectivity as well as schedule initial hands-on training.