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QuickBooks Pro

Last updated 08/01/2021

Connect your QuickBooks Pro account to Cin7 to allow seamless order and inventory synchronization.


QuickBooks Pro enables you to track business performance, with no accounting knowledge required and easy to use tools and simple set up.  

PN: Cin7's QuickBooks Desktop Integration is only supported in the United States. 

Integrating QuickBooks Pro with Cin7 will allow you to:

  • Import Cin7 Purchase Orders as Bills
  • Import Cin7 Sales Orders as Invoices
  • Import Cin7 Credit Notes and Vendor Credit Notes
  • Import Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • Synchronize inventory values (not quantities)

Cin7's integration has multiple settings that allow for detailed control of how Cin7 interacts with QuickBooks Pro to suit your specific accounting setup.


Importing Transactions

When Cin7 imports a transaction to QuickBooks Pro, it creates a Draft. While a transaction is a Draft in QuickBooks Pro, you can re-import any changes made to that transaction. 

Cin7 cannot update transactions after you have approved them in QuickBooks Pro. If you need to make a change after approval, it is recommended to manually update the transaction in both QuickBooks Pro and Cin7.

Do you import automatically?

Importing transactions to QuickBooks Pro can be completed in a few simple steps.

Due to the way the Web Connector works, it is not possible to automate the import of accounting transactions. However, there are a few good reasons not to do this anyway:

  • It provides an opportunity to match contacts in Cin7 with contacts in QuickBooks Pro carefully and accurately.
  • It encourages a level of scrutiny of the data that is imported, preventing unchecked errors building over time.

Setup and Use

Connecting to Cin7 is a simple case of following some onscreen steps, explained in Connecting Cin7 to QuickBooks Enterprise (the same steps apply to QuickBooks Pro).

Once the two systems have been connected, you will need to configure Cin7 to work correctly with your QuickBooks Pro integration.

Once the connection has been set up and tested, transactions can begin to be imported. For information on how each import works, see our Using the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Module section (the same steps apply to QuickBooks Pro).

Additional recommended practices for inventory accounting recommended for Cin7 users can be found in the Accounting Information and Good Practice Help article.