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Importing Contacts into QuickBooks Enterprise

Last updated 08/01/2021

How to import Customers and Vendors into QuickBooks Enterprise.


In order to import transactions to QuickBooks Enterprise like Sales and Purchases, you must first import Customers and Vendors.

If the contact does not already exist in QuickBooks Enterprise, Cin7 will create a new Customer or Vendor. If the contact already exists in QuickBooks Enterprise (i.e., the contact company name matches exactly), Cin7 will match this contact with the same contact in Cin7.

There are some important things to know regarding contacts:

  • Contact names in QuickBooks Enterprise are limited to 25 characters - the same must therefore apply to contacts in Cin7.
  • Any changes to contact names in QuickBooks must be replicated in Cin7 manually to preserve the match.
  • If you buy or sell to the same contact in multiple currencies, you must create in Cin7 a new contact for each currency that you buy or sell in.
  • If you buy from and sell to the same contact, you must create a different contact for purchases and sales.

Only those contacts that have had an invoiced transaction created against them will be available for import.

Running the QuickBooks Web Connector

Before you can import anything into QuickBooks Enterprise you must first run the QuickBooks Web Connector, if you have not already done so recently.

  1. Make sure you are logged into the correct QuickBooks Enterprise account.
  2. In QuickBooks Web Connector, select Cin7 from the list of connections, then select Update Selected.
  3. In Cin7, from the left navigation, select Accounts, then the QuickBooks Enterprise app.
  4. Select Refresh After Running QB Connector.

Importing Contacts

There are two ways to import contacts - importing everything at once, or choosing which to import. If you have pre-existing contacts in QuickBooks Enterprise, we recommend the latter method as it will allow you to create matches correctly.

All Contacts at once
  1. From the left navigation, select Accounts then QuickBooks Enterprise.
  2. Select Import Contacts to update or import any new customers.
  3. Select Import Vendors to update or import any new Vendors.
    Any unmatched contacts are imported as new contacts.
Select Contacts

It is recommended you use this method to avoid creating duplicates.

  1. From the left navigation, select Accounts then QuickBooks Enterprise.
  2. Select Choose next to Import Contacts.
    This will reveal a list of Customers to be imported. Where matches have been made, they will appear in the
  3. If no match has been made, you can manually match contacts to a pre-existing contact in QuickBooks Enterprise.
    Simply search for the contact in the box provided, and if you find the contact, click it to match the contact.
    If a contact can't be found, simply leave blank to create a new contact in QuickBooks Enterprise.
  4. Repeat this process for Vendors.


Is it possible to import all contacts at once into QuickBooks Enterprise?

Not as detailed above, but exporting contacts to a spreadsheet from Cin7 and then importing it into QuickBooks Online can be used to accomplish the same result. Generally, the recommendation is to only import the necessary contacts into QuickBooks Online.