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QuickBooks Overview

Last updated 18/01/2022

Cin7 integration with QuickBooks Online.


QuickBooks Online is a popular cloud accounting software powered by Intuit, serving over 1.5 million customers globally.

Integrating Cin7 with QuickBooks Online will allow you to:

  • Import customer and vendor details
  • Import Invoices from Cin7 to multiple sales accounts
  • Import Purchase Orders from Cin7
  • Import Cost of Goods Sold from Cin7
  • Create journals for stock adjustments
  • Update Sales in Cin7 with their payment status from QuickBooks Online

Cin7's integration has multiple settings that allow for detailed control of how Cin7 interacts with QuickBooks Online, giving you complete control of your inventory accounting.

Want to learn more about the accounting dashboard? Watch the Accounting Dashboard overview video


There are a few important prerequisites for using Cin7's integration with QuickBooks Online.

  • You must be based in the USA, Canada or Australia, UK
  • Your QuickBooks Online account must already be configured by your accountant, and
  • You agree to take full responsibility for the accuracy and maintenance of your QuickBooks Online account.

Setup and Use

Connecting to Cin7 is a simple case of following some onscreen steps, explained in Connecting Cin7 to QuickBooks Online.

Once the two systems have been connected, a wizard will help you configure your Cin7 account to work based on your QuickBooks account setup. Each step is detailed in Using the QuickBooks Online Wizard.

Once connected we recommend you test the connection by importing a few transactions, using any of the articles on importing transactions.

Once the connection has been set up and tested, transactions can begin to be imported. For information on how each import works, see our Using the Integration section.

There is some general good practice for inventory accounting that we recommend for our users, and this can be found in the End of Month Procedures article.

The Accounting Dashboard has automated the Update Paid Invoices and Update Balances functionality from the QuickBooks Online legacy module.