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Downloading Locations from QuickBooks Online

Last updated 08/01/2021

Locations can be applied to Sales transactions in Cin7 to refine your QuickBooks Online Financial Reports.


QuickBooks Online (QBO) provides Locations to 'tag' entire transactions in QBO to refine your QBO reports.

Cin7 will download the Locations from QBO. Locations will appear in the Alternative GL Account settings.

Cin7 allows for one Location to be applied to a Sales transaction. These can be used in combination with Alternative GL Accounts, or entirely separately.

Before reading this article it may help to read Setting Up Alternative GL Accounts for QuickBooks Online.

Setting up Locations

In Cin7, Locations will be labeled as tracking categories. These are created using the same functionality as Alternative GL Accounts.

To add tracking categories:

  1. Set up Locations in QuickBooks Online.
  2. Log in to Cin7 as an Administrator.
  3. While logged in as an Administrator, from the left navigation, select Accounting then QuickBooks Online.
  4. Locations will now appear in the as an Alternative GL Account. 

You will now be able to assign classes via the Alternative GL Account drop-down box in the appropriate modules.