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Xero Discrepancies

Last updated 18/01/2021

How to fix Xero Discrepancies.


Discrepancies between Cin7 and Xero can arise when a transaction has been imported and approved in Xero and then later modified in one system but not the other.

These discrepancies can take one of the following forms:

  • The Invoice date or transaction periods are different between Cin7 and Xero.
  • The items, item quantities, or item costs are different between Cin7 and Xero.
  • The transaction is voided in one system but not the other.

Fixing Discrepancies

To fix discrepancies, you will need to manually update either system to match the other. This can be done in either Cin7 or Xero, depending on which version of the transaction you would like to keep.

If you find that the transaction is locked in Cin7, you will need to login using your Administrator account or click here to raise a case with Cin7 Support for assistance.

If you cannot edit the transaction in Xero, you may need to unlock the period or un-apply any payments before making any changes. After completing the changes, re-apply any payments that you removed.