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Importing Contacts into Xero

Last updated 23/12/2020

How to import contacts into Xero.


Contact information from the Cin7 CRM can be imported into Xero. New contacts will be added into Xero and contacts that already exist in Xero will be updated.

Importing All Contacts

To import all contacts:

  1. From the left navigation, select Accounting, then Xero.
  2. Click Import and Update Contacts.
Importing Selected Contacts

You may wish to only import a selection of contacts. To do this:

  1. From the left navigation, select Accounting, then Xero.
  2. Next to Import and Update Contacts, click Choose.
  3. Check the specific Contacts you would like to import.
  4. Click Import/Update Orders.

Imported contact information will now be available in Xero.

Imported Fields

Cin7 Field Name
Xero Field Name
Company Name Contact Name
First Name Primary Person First Name
Last Name Primary Person Last Name
Phone Number Phone
Fax Number Fax
Mobile Number Mobile
Contact Email Email
Tax Number Tax
Delivery Address information Street Address
Billing Address Information Postal Address


Is it possible to download contacts from Xero into Cin7?

This cannot be done directly, however it can be done by exporting your Xero contacts to a spreadsheet and then importing them from the spreadsheet into Cin7.

Can I import all of my contacts into Xero in one go?

No, you cannot do this. In order to keep your Xero account clean, we only import contacts once a transaction has been made against them.

Why are contacts not appearing to be imported to Xero?

Contacts will only appear to be imported once a transaction has been made an against a transaction.