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Setting Up Xero Branding Theme ID

Last updated 16/11/2021

Xero Branding Theme ID

How to set up Xero Branding Theme in Cin7.


Xero allows users to create multiple Invoice Templates for use at the organization level or individual customer level. Each template is given a unique Branding Theme ID when it is created. Only the name of the branding theme is displayed to the user in Xero. A single Invoice Template can be set as the default template for an Organization.

Please ensure you have set up the invoice template in your Xero account for Branding Theme. 

In Cin7, the Xero Branding Theme ID can be set against each customer, either when you create a new customer or edit an existing customer. To obtain a list of the Invoice Templates and their Xero Branding Theme ID (GUID) from Xero, please contact Cin7 support team at.

Setting Up Xero Branding Theme in Cin7

In Cin7, populate the Xero Branding Theme ID field with the GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) of the Xero Invoice Template to be used for that customer. In order to do so;

  1. From the left navigation, select the CRM module.
  2. Select Create New Customer or select customer to edit an existing customer
  3. Add the required GUID in the Xero Branding Theme ID field
  4. Select Save or Back to save the contact.

Once this is done, when an invoice that is created in Cin7 is being imported into Xero, this Xero Branding Theme ID is also passed to Xero so that the Invoice document, that can be printed in Xero, uses the specified Invoice Template in Xero.