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Importing Customer Credit Notes into Xero

Last updated 23/07/2021

How to import a Customer Credit Note into Xero.


Cin7 customer Credit Notes can be imported into Xero, provided the following two conditions are fulfilled:

  • The total of the Credit Note is less than $0, and
  • A Sales Reference and invoice date have been entered into the Credit Note.

Customers must be imported into Xero before importing Credit Notes. This means that any new customers in Cin7 can be matched to existing customers in Xero correctly.

A Customer Credit Note, once imported to Xero, will apply to a customer account and must be manually applied to an invoice or payment by your bookkeeper or accountant.

The corresponding 'Cost of Goods Returned' is not imported to Xero at the same time as the Customer Credit Note, and follows the same principles as Cost of Goods Sold. For more information, see Cost of Goods Sold in Cin7.

Importing Customer Credit Notes

There are two ways to import Customer Credit Notes into Xero.

Importing All Credit Notes at the same time

This method will import all Credit Notes at the same time. This is the quickest way to import all Credit Notes.

  1. From the left navigation, select Accounting, then Xero.
  2. Select Sales tab
  3. Select Credit Notes
  4. Tick the All checkbox
  5. Click Upload All

A confirmation will notify you if all Credit Notes have been imported successfully.

Imported Credit Notes will be available as Credit Memos in Xero.

Importing Individual Transactions

You may wish to only import one Credit Note, or inspect the Credit Notes before importing. To do this:

  1. From the left navigation, select Accounting, then Xero.
  2. Select Sales tab
  3. Select Credit Notes
  4. Select the Credit Notes you wish to import
  5. Click Upload All

Imported Credit Notes will be available as Credit Memos in Xero.



Is it possible to automate order imports?

We have no current plans to automate importing orders; manually pressing the button adds a level of scrutiny that we think encourages good accounting practice.