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Connecting Cin7 To Magento 2

Last updated 28/04/2020

This article outlines the steps required to connect your Magento 2 and Cin7 accounts.


The below setup requires technical expertise, so we strongly recommend involving your Magento developer. If completed correctly it will take around 10 minutes.

We recommend using a staging site to test on before connecting to your live Magento server. It is also recommended that you connect a new Magento module in Cin7 when switching to your live site so that it does not conflict with the data mapped to your staging site.

Add Magento 2 to your Cin7 account

Before connecting your accounts, you will need to add the Magento 2 module to your Cin7 account.

To add the module:

  1. Whilst logged in as an Administrator, from the left navigation, click Integrations then App Store.
  2. From the App Store, select Ecommerce then click Magento V2.
  3. Click Request App Installation.

Cin7 account managers will receive the request and will get in touch with you.

Generate an Access Token

To generate a token in Magento:

    1. Whilst logged in as an Administrator, from the left navigation,  click System then Integrations.
    2. Click Add New Integration.
    3. Enter a Name to identify the token.
    4. Go to the API tab and change the Resource Access setting to All.
    5. You will need to enter your Administrator password before saving.
    6. Click Save.
    7. You should now see your inactive integration in the list.
    8. To enable the integration click Activate and then Allow.
    9. Note down the Access Token as you will need this in the next steps.
    10. Click Done to complete the activation.

Connect Cin7 to Magento

To connect the accounts:

    1. Whilst logged in as an Administrator, go to your Magento module in Cin7.
    2. Click Settings and go to the Connect tab.
    3. Insert your Shop Host Name in the field provided, making sure to remove the https:// part of the url.
    4. If your Magento installation is not at the root of the server, you can change the Api Path setting to custom and enter the correct path.
    5. Enter your Access Token from Magento.
    6. Click Save Connection Settings to complete the connection.

On your Magento dashboard in Cin7, click the refresh button next to the Connected label to test the connection.

If you see a Username and Password box in the connect settings of your Magento module in Cin7, please leave the password blank and enter your Access Token into the correct box.

Add the Cin7 App to Magento - Optional 

Under a few circumstances, in order to update stock from Cin7 to Magento 2.x, you may need to install the Cin7 extension on your Magento website first. Kindly use this extension only if the support team suggests it. 

The Cin7 app can be added to your Magento 2 account for free through the Magento Marketplace.