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Downloading Orders from Magento 2

Last updated 11/03/2020

This article outlines how to download orders from Magento 2 into Cin7.


Orders in Magento 2 can be downloaded into Cin7. You can refine what orders the integration downloads in the settings.

Downloading Orders

To download orders:

  1. From the left navigation, select Integrations, then click Magento V2.
  2. Click Download Orders.

Cin7 will download all orders from Magento 2 based on the criteria set up in the Settings. Once complete, you will see a confirmation message along the top of the page. The orders will now appear in the Sales Orders module.

For information about how to configure downloads, please see Magento 2 Settings.

Order Updates

When downloading orders it is possible to update orders based on their status in Magento. You must have the relevant settings selected in your Magento module for these actions to occur.

Action Order Status Download Additional Setting
Cancel Order Canceled  
Dispatch Order Complete Auto Dispatch Orders: Yes - Completed Orders Only