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Downloading Orders from WooCommerce

Last updated 25/02/2021

How to download orders from WooCommerce into Cin7.


Orders in WooCommerce can be downloaded into Cin7. You can refine what orders the integration downloads in the settings.

Products in downloaded orders will be matched to products in Cin7 using their SKU.

If you download an order containing a product with a SKU that cannot be matched to a Cin7 product code/SKU (perhaps because it is incorrect or it does not exist), the line item will still appear in the order but the stock for this item will not be diminished.

It is therefore very important that your Product Codes/SKUs match WooCommerce SKUs exactly.

Downloading Orders

To download orders:

  1. From the left navigation, select Integrations then WooCommerce.
  2. Select Download Orders.
    Cin7 will download all orders from WooCommerce based on the criteria set up in the Settings.

The orders will now appear in the Sales Orders module.

Order Updates

When downloading orders it is possible to update orders based on their status in WooCommerce. You must have the relevant settings selected in your WooCommerce module for these actions to occur.

Action Order Status Download Additional Setting
Cancel Order Cancelled  
Dispatch Order Complete Auto Dispatch Orders: Yes - Completed Orders Only
Refund Order Refunded Create Credit Notes From Refunds and Returns: selected


How do Alternative Tax Rates work with Cin7 and WooCommerce?

When downloading orders, the tax rate name from WooCommerce matches to the name of an Alternative Tax Rate setup in Cin7.

Therefore, if you have multiple tax rates in WooCommerce, make sure to set up the equivalent rates using the exact same name within Cin7.

If the names do not match, Cin7 will assume it is the default tax rate for your account.