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Mapping UOMs between WooCommerce and Cin7

Last updated 25/02/2021

How to map UOMs between WooCommerce and Cin7.


It is possible to map UOMs between WooCommerce and Cin7. The codes must exist in both systems as it is not possible to upload or download UOMs.

This feature is currently available as a Preview Release. Email early.adopters@cin7.com to get this added to your account.


Go to your WooCommerce module settings and select Enable UOM Mapping under the Stock section. This setting interacts with the system in the following ways:

Download Products

When downloading products, the UOM Code in Cin7 should match with a product or variant SKU in WooCommerce. You can also use Custom Mapping by entering the UOM Code from Cin7 into the Cin7 Code field.

If you have mapped variants in the past, you will need to delete these mappings before creating new mappings to UOM codes. You can delete existing mappings by going to View Mapped Products and select Delete next to the mapped item.
Update Stock

Stock for a UOM will be updated by calculating the stock quantity in Cin7 divided by the UOM Qty.

Download Orders

When downloading an order from WooCommerce, the UOM Ordered will be the order quantity from WooCommerce, the Unit Price will be the price divided by the UOM Qty, and the UOM Size will be the quantity multiplied by the UOM Qty.