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Updating Status of WooCommerce Orders

Last updated 25/02/2021

How to update WooCommerce when Orders have been dispatched in Cin7.

Updating Status

When an order has been fully dispatched in Cin7 (i.e., a fully dispatched date has been entered), it is possible to update this status back to WooCommerce.

To do this:

  1. From the left navigation, select Integrations then WooCommerce.
  2. From the menu, select Update Dispatched Orders.
    Orders in WooCommerce will now appear as "Completed".

Updating Tracking Details

WooCommerce does not natively support tracking details. In order to provide this functionality, Cin7 integrates with the WooCommerce Shipment Tracking extension. This extension allows you to add Shipments to an order in WooCommerce containing a tracking number, tracking link, the name of the tracking company, and the shipment date.

To utilize this feature, you need to install the WooCommerce Shipment Tracking extension on your WooCommerce site and then enable it in the Cin7 WooCommerce module settings. Once enabled, simply run the Update Dispatched Orders action from your Cin7 WooCommerce module.

Shipment Tracking requires a tracking number. If you do not enter a tracking number into the order in Cin7, it will be completed with no shipment information.
If a shipment is successfully created, the order will then be completed in WooCommerce.