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Amazon Seller Settings

Last updated 22/10/2019

This article explains how to customize your Amazon Seller integration.

Finding the Settings

The integration with Amazon Seller can be configured to suit your business from the Settings page.

To locate the settings:

  1. Whilst logged in as an administrator, from the left navigation select Integrations and then click on your Amazon Seller module.
  2. From the top right of the page, click Settings.

Product Settings

Ticking the Products checkbox will enable Products to be downloaded from Amazon Seller.

Product Downloads from Amazon Seller

Product Downloads

Simply explains that product downloads are switched on. To find out more about downloading products, please see Downloading Products from Amazon Seller.

Last Updated

Only products created after this date will be downloaded.

Stock Settings

Ticking the Stock checkbox will enable stock to be updated from Cin7 to Amazon Seller.

Last Updated

When updating stock, only stock that has changed after this date will be updated. Simply leave this field alone at all times unless under special circumstances.

Get Stock Levels From

When updating stock levels, you can choose to only update stock levels from a particular branch.

Stock Levels To Update To Amazon

When updating stock levels, you can choose how to calculate the stock number to update.

Stock available Stock on hand minus open orders - i.e. stock you can dispatch without disappointing other customers.
Stock on Hand The stock you have physically available, regardless of outstanding orders.
SOH Less Open Orders within 7 days of ETD You may choose this if you can replenish stock within a week. The ETD must be entered for all outstanding orders for this to be accurate.
SOH Less Open Orders within 30 days of ETD You may choose this if you can replenish stock within a month. The ETD must be entered for all outstanding orders for this to be accurate.

Subtract Buffer Stock From Stock Levels

Add in buffer stock levels to ensure you never oversell.

Orders Settings

Ticking the Orders checkbox will enable orders to be downloaded from Amazon Seller to Cin7.

What Orders to Download

Last Updated

When downloading orders, only orders that have been updated after this date and time will be downloaded. After orders are downloaded successfully, these fields will be changed automatically to the current date and time.

Download Orders When Order Status Is

You can determine at which status orders are downloaded by checking statuses from the list here. For instance, if only Unshipped is checked, only orders where the status is Unshipped will be downloaded.

If you use additional statuses within Amazon Seller, you can add them by clicking Add Custom Status (Optional). The status name must match exactly.

Auto Download Orders

Turn on the automatic download schedule:

We will check for orders at first every 5 minutes. If no orders are pulled down, we will wait a little longer - 10 minutes - before checking again. If nothing is found, we’ll wait 20 minutes before checking again and so on. At most, we'll check every 2 hours. If an order is downloaded, we’ll wait 5 minutes all over again.

Choose from the drop down when the schedule should start each day.


Auto Dispatch Orders

Cin7 can attempt to dispatch orders automatically upon download - this option is useful if you prefer to dispatch from the Amazon Seller module, and simply download orders for stock purposes only. This is not possible for those orders that have batch or serial numbers, or in cases when there is not enough stock.

Automatically Load BOMs for Kits

If you have a bill of materials (or BOM) assigned to your finished products, you can choose for the BOM to be expanded automatically when you download orders. This requires the finished product to have its Order Type set to 'Kit' in the product details.


FBA Branch

Set the branch for all new Amazon Seller FBA orders to be downloaded into. The branch can be changed manually in a Sales Order before it is dispatched.

Note that orders in this branch will not have their order status updated to Amazon once dispatched - it should therefore be a different branch to the Merchant Fulfilled Orders branch selected in Additional Settings.

Route Branch by Country and Stock

Branches can be routed based on country, state, shipping options, and stock. See more information in the Branch Based Routing help file.


How To Create Or Assign A Customer From An Order

This option controls how customer records should be handled when orders are downloaded. The options allow you to match to existing contacts based on email address or ID.

You can also download all orders to one predefined contact, regardless of the customer's details in the original order. This may be useful if you do not wish your CRM to be filled by online customers.

If Customer ID or email exists update customer or else insert new customer
If Customer ID or email exists do not update or else insert new customer
If Customer ID exists do not update else assign to selected customer
If email exists update customer else insert new customer
If email exists update customer else assign to selected customer
Assign to selected customer

Assign To CRM Customer Group (Optional)

This option will assign new customer contacts in the CRM to a particular reporting group. Options are populated by the Customer Groups, which can be added in the Settings page.


Invoice Options

Each order is downloaded to Cin7 individually. However when importing orders to your accounting software, you may not wish to import each order. This option allows you to batch invoices for accounting purposes.

Allow batch invoices This will leave the invoice date blank and an invoice number will not be generated until you fill it in manually or process a batch of payments.
Import Invoices Individually This will add an invoice date and generate an invoice number for all new Amazon Seller orders.

Order GL Account (Optional)

Choose an Alternative General Ledger account to apply to Amazon Seller orders. This will apply the Alternative GL Account at the order level.

Additional Settings

Settings specific to the Amazon Seller module:

Download Merchant Fulfilled Orders Into This Branch

Set the branch for all new merchant fulfilled orders to be downloaded into. This should be different to the FBA Branch selected in Orders Settings.

Fulfillment Latency

Set a value from 1 to 30 to submit the fulfillment latency of all products upon uploading of stock.



Does Cin7 update the tracking code on Amazon Seller?

Yes, Cin7 is capable of updating the tracking code on Amazon Seller.

In the settings, if the Auto Update Order Status is checked, Cin7 will be able to auto update the tracking code to Amazon Seller. This option will ensure all the orders, irrespective of the tracking code will be updated on the Amazon Seller. 

Alternatively, if you click on Update Dispatched Orders, on the Amazon Seller Cin7 dashboard, Cin7 will update the tracking code along with other fields on Amazon Seller.