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Connecting Cin7 to Amazon Seller

Last updated 28/05/2019

This article outlines the steps required to connect your Amazon Seller and Cin7 accounts.

Obtaining your MWS Authorization Token

Before you can connect Amazon Seller to your Cin7 account, you must first obtain the following credentials:

  • Seller ID
  • Marketplace ID
  • MWS Authorization Token

These credentials are generated in the User Permissions section in your Amazon Seller Central account.

Note that you must be registered on a professional seller plan to be eligible for MWS access

To obtain an MWS Authorization Token:

  1. Login to your Amazon Seller Central.
  2. Go to Settings > User Permissions.
  3. Under the MWS Developer Permissions section, select Authorise a developer.
  4. Select I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS.
  5. Enter the Developer Name "Cin7"
  6. Enter the Developer Account Number for your region:
    • North America (NA): 3775-5763-3782
    • Europe (EU): 3673-9947-9589
    • Japan (JP): 9569-6180-0864
    • Australia (AU): 9569-6180-0864
  7. Read and accept the License Agreement.
  8. Note down your MWS Connection credentials.

Adding Amazon Seller to your Cin7 account

Once you have retrieved this information, you will need to add the Amazon Seller module to your Cin7 account.

To add the module:

  1. Whilst logged in as an Administrator, from the left navigation,  click Integrations then App Store.
  2. Under the Marketplaces category, select Amazon Seller.
  3. Enter a name or code to identify this Amazon Seller connection e.g. "MyStore1" or "US".
  4. Click Request App Installation.

Cin7 account managers will receive the request and will get in touch with you.

Connecting the two accounts

Next, connect the two accounts using the details obtained earlier.

  1. Log in to Cin7 using your Administrator account.
  2. Under the Settings menu, click Integrations and then select your Amazon Seller store.
  3. Click Settings on the top right.
  4. Click Connect on the left.
  5. Select the store region from the dropdown.
  6. Enter your Amazon Seller ID, Marketplace ID, and the MWS Authorization you obtained earlier.
  7. Click Save Connection Settings to connect Cin7 to the app.


I've added the Amazon Seller module but can't find it in the left navigation?

Try clicking the sync button - the app will appear shortly after.