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eBay Dashboard

Last updated 21/08/2018

This article outlines the eBay dashboard.


The eBay dashboard contains a collection of tiles that display useful information and provide links to key actions. There is also a link to the Settings menu on the top right of the dashboard.

Dashboard Tiles

Order Activity

This tile displays the number of recent orders and the date that orders were last downloaded. Click Download Orders to download all orders.

Clicking View Mapped Orders displays a list of orders downloaded. You can search by Cin7 order reference or the external Id of the order to filter the results.

Order Status

This tile shows the date that orders were last downloaded, along with the number of orders downloaded today and in the last seven days. Clicking on Update Dispatched Orders will update the shipping status of orders in eBay - see Update Dispatched Orders for more information.

Batch Payments will allow you to batch transactions for the purposes of easy accounts reconciliation.

Stock Activity

This tile highlights popular products that are low in stock and may need to be reordered. It also displays any errors in updating stock. Clicking on the titles of each of these lists will display the complete information.

Stock Update Status

The date that stock was last updated is displayed, along with the number of stock items that have been updated today and updated within the last seven days. At the bottom of the tile there are links to update stock information - see Updating Stock in eBay.

Product Activity

Here you can see which order lines have products that have not been matched, and which products exist in eBay but not in Cin7. Clicking on the titles of either of these will show a complete list.

Product Status

This tile shows the date that products were last downloaded. It also displays the number of products in both eBay and Cin7. Clicking Download Products will allow you to import products from eBay to Cin7 - see Downloading Products from eBay.

Clicking View Mapped Products will show the product mappings. See Matching Products between Cin7 and eBay.