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Deleting Products in JOOR from Cin7

Last updated 20/06/2019


Cin7 can delete products in JOOR. This article explains how.


Cin7 can delete products in JOOR if they are disabled in Cin7. Note that the product in Cin7 will not be deleted.

Note that deleting styles cannot be reversed so please make sure you are aware of which products are included.

There are a few prerequisites for products to be deleted

  • The product has been previously mapped or uploaded to JOOR.
  • The product has the JOOR channel ticked in its product details page.
  • The product is set to disabled/inactive in Cin7.

Deleting Products

By default Delete Products is switched off; to enable it:

  1. Navigate to your JOOR module in Cin7.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Check Enabled under Delete Products in JOOR.
  4. If you have never deleted products before, the Last Updated date will be set to the date you installed the module. This date will update when you run the action - only products modified since the last run will appear in the delete list.
  5. At the bottom of the page, click Save Settings.

To delete products:

  1. Navigate to your JOOR module in Cin7.
  2. From the Product Status tile, click Delete Products.
  3. Click Delete Recently Modified Products.
    This will delete all products in the list below. To download these products in a spreadsheet click Download Products.
    To filter this list, search for products below. Clicking Delete Recently Modified Products when the list is filtered will only delete the products shown in the list.

The style will be deleted from JOOR and the mapping removed from Cin7.