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Downloading Orders from JOOR

Last updated 30/10/2018

This article outlines how to download orders from JOOR into Cin7.


Orders that are marked as 'Approved' in JOOR can be downloaded into Cin7.

Products in downloaded orders will be matched to products in Cin7 using their Universal Product Code (UPC).

If you download an order containing a product with a UPC that cannot be matched to a Cin7 barcode - perhaps because it is incorrect or it does not exist - the line item will still appear in the order, but the stock for this item will not be diminished.

It is therefore very important that your barcodes match JOOR UPCs exactly.

Downloading Orders

To download orders:

  1. From the left navigation, select Integrations, then click JOOR.
  2. Click Download Orders.
    Cin7 will download all 'Approved' orders from JOOR and set their status in JOOR to 'Approved (API exported)'.

The orders will now appear in the Sales Orders module.

Downloaded Fields

JOOR Field Cin7 Field Notes
Order Details
Order ID Reference "JR-" prefix is added to the reference in Cin7 to help identify JOOR orders
Created Date Created Date  
Created By Email or Shipping Email Email Can be selected in Cin7 module settings
Customer Purchase Order Customer PO No  
Start Ship Date ETD  
Order Delivery Name Project Name If Order Delivery Name is not set then the Project Name will be the name of the JOOR module
Comments Internal Comments  
Order Currency Currency  
  Tax Status Can be selected in Cin7 module settings
Order Discount Discount  
Order Shipping Total Freight  
Order Total Total  
Payment Method Name Payment Method  
Billing and Shipping Details
Shipping Code Cin7 Contact ID  
Customer Buyer Name First Name  
Company Company  
Address 1 Street Address  
Address 2 Suburb  
City City  
Region State  
Post Code Post Code  
Country Country  
Phone Phone  
Line Item Details
Item Number Code Products may also be matched on item UPC
Item Name Name  
Item Unit Price Price  
Item Price Adjustment Discount  
Color Size Details
Item Color Option 1  
Item Size Option 3