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Uploading Product Variants into JOOR from Cin7

Last updated 20/06/2019


Cin7 can upload product options into JOOR. This article explains how.


Cin7 can upload product options into JOOR which are linked to an existing product. This is useful if you have added new variants to your products in Cin7 since uploading the product to JOOR.

There are a few prerequisites for product options to be uploaded

  • The product has been previously mapped or uploaded to JOOR.
  • Product options (colors, sizes, etc) have been added to the product since it was uploaded and are unmapped.
  • The product has the JOOR channel ticked in its product details page.
  • The product and options should be enabled/active in Cin7.
Note that the update will include all options for a product which means color and size names and codes as well as Upcs will be overwritten. The product name is also updated so you will need to ensure this is the same in Cin7 as you want it to display in JOOR.

Uploading Product Options

By default Upload Product Options is switched off; to enable it:

  1. From the left navigation, select Integrations, then JOOR.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Check Enable Upload Product Options.
  4. If you have never uploaded product options before, the Last Updated date will be set to the date you installed the module. This date will update when you run the action - only options updated since the last run will appear in the upload list.
  5. At the bottom of the page, click Save Settings.

To upload product options:

  1. From the left navigation, select Integrations, then JOOR.
  2. From the Product Status tile, click Upload Product Options.
  3. Click Upload Recently Modified Product Options.
    This will upload all product options in the list below. To download these products in a spreadsheet click Download Products.
    To filter this list, search for products below. Clicking Upload Recently Modified Product Options when the list is filtered will only upload the products shown in the list.

The fields that are uploaded are detailed below.

Uploaded Fields

JOOR Field Cin7 Field Notes
Style Details
Style Name Product Name  
Name Option 1  
Code Option 1  
Size Details
Size Label  Size  
Color Code Option 1  
Size Size  
UPC Barcode  


I have added a new size option to my Sku Range but it does not show in the upload variants list?

New size options are not automatically generated in Cin7. If you have not placed an order for the new size, you may need to open the product details page in the Products module and click Save.