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Last updated 01/02/2021

Setting up cartonization for EDI orders.


A requirement of sending an ASN/856 is to specify which items are in which carton. This will also allow you to print unique carton labels per order.

Single Carton Orders

If the order fits into one carton, select Generate SSCC Numbers under the Billing Company column.

Multi-carton Orders

If an order spans multiple cartons, you will need to specify which carton an item is allocated to at a line item level. This can be done in the Cartonization column which can be found in the Sales Order under "Order Details".

Selecting a cell in this column will cause a menu to display with the following fields:

  • OuterCtn# - This is an internal carton reference where every unique instance of this reference will be converted into a label. This same number can span over multiple line items if they are in the same carton.
  • Qty - This specifies the quantity of this item within the carton. If you find the line item spans over multiple cartons, you can add another row, making sure the "quantity" amounts are correct per carton.

To cartonize a multi-carton order:

  1. Click in the first cell in the Cartonization column and complete the two fields, as explained above.
  2. Select Save.
  3. Repeat for each line item in the order
  4. Once they are complete, select Generate SSCC No to convert the internal carton numbers to SSCC numbers.
  5. Select Save Back To List.

Cartonization will now be complete and the order will be ready for you to send an ASN/856; see the Sending an 856/ASN Help article for additional information.