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EDI Overview

Last updated 17/06/2022

Overview of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).


EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, is a commonly required form of exchanging orders and messages between large retailers and suppliers.

Using third party software instead of Direct EDI can be rigid and it may not perform as expected. With fewer links in your supply chain, the Direct EDI connections available in Cin7 gives more flexibility.

Cin7 controls how data flows via EDI into your account. You’re left with a reliable connection where inventory and order management data is mapped correctly first time.

Available EDI Connections

We have integrated with a number of big box retailers, detailed on our website - and the list is growing all the time.

If you can't find your EDI retailer above then we will consider any requests subject to certain requirements.

To make a request, we require three pieces of information:

  • The name of a retailer
  • A technical contact at the retailer
  • Technical documentation

Please provide this information to the Onboarding team and they can advise you from there.