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Sending an ASN/856

Last updated 01/02/2021

Requirements and process of sending an ASN/856.


Sending an ASN and 856 is the most important step in EDI as it is time-dependent. ASNs need to be sent before an order is shipped and within the start and cancellation window specified in the order.

Requirements to Send

The following conditions must be met before an order can be sent:

  • The order status needs to be Fully Dispatched
  • There must be a carrier and tracking code
  • SSCC number(s) need to be generated. If orders span over multiple cartons, see the Cartonization Help article for additional information.

Sending an ASN/856

To send an ASN/856:

  1. In the Sales Order module, select the order(s) for which you would like to send a ASN/856.
  2. Hover over Actions and select Bulk Update.
    This will also select all orders linked by the same Customer PO Number.
  3. Under EDI Status, change the status to Transfer ASN Now.
    If the validation requirements are not met, an alert will display.
  4. Select Save.

Next, you will need to export these from the module for the retailer:

  1. From the left navigation, select Integrations and then the retailer.
  2. Select Export All.

The 856/ASN will now be sent to the retailer.

Fulfilling an EDI Order

Sending an ASN/856 will trigger an SSCC label to be emailed to the assigned email in the EDI connection settings.

Print the label(s) and attach them to the relevant carton(s).