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Sending an ORDRSP/855 - Fully Accepted

Last updated 01/02/2021

Sending an ORDRSP/855 for fully accepted orders.


Some EDI retailers require an order response to be to sent to purchase orders. This article explains how to send a response in the case when you are able to fulfill the order within the specified delivery window for all items ordered.

For information about sending a response when you cannot fully accept the order, see the Sending an ORDRSP/855 - With Changes Help article for additional information.

Sending an ORDRSP/855

After reviewing the order(s) and confirming acceptance, the ORDRSP/855 can be sent.

To send an 855:

  1. In the Sales Order module, select the order(s) for which you would like to send a ORDRSP/855.
  2. Hover over Actions and select Bulk Update.
    This will also select all orders linked by the same Customer PO Number.
  3. Under EDI Status, change the status to Send Order Acceptance Now.
  4. Select Save.

Next, you will need to export these from the module for the retailer:

  1. From the left navigation, select Integrations and then the retailer.
  2. Select Export All.

The ORDRSP/855 will now be sent to the retailer.