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Setting Up an EDI Connection

Last updated 01/02/2021

How to set up an EDI connection.

Setting Up an Existing EDI Connection

If an EDI connection is available in the Cin7 App Store, you can initiate the connection directly from the App Store.

To do this:

  1. From the left navigation, select Integrations and then select App Store.
  2. Under Retailers, select the retailer you would like to connect to and add the app.

A new module for this retailer will be created under Integrations.

An email notification will then be sent to the Cin7 EDI team, who will initiate contact with you in order to configure your connection and begin compliance testing.

Alternatively, you can contact Cin7 Support for assistance on adding the connection.

Setting Up a New EDI Connection

If you cannot see the retailer in the app store, you will need to request a new connection via your Cin7 Onboarding specialist or the Cin7 Support team.

For Cin7 to integrate with a new EDI Retailer, the following steps must be completed.  Timeframes for each vary so please check with Cin7 Support for additional details. 

  1. Request technical documentation for review.
  2. Cin7 EDI team will review the documentation to ensure connectivity.
  3. Upon confirmation, mapping will be logged with the Cin7 EDI team.
  4. Upon completion of mapping, compliance testing will begin.
  5. Once compliance testing is complete, the connection will be moved into production.