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Capsule Overview

Last updated 08/09/2020

Connect Capsule to Cin7 to create contacts and opportunities in Capsule directly from Cin7.


Capsule is a leading cloud CRM software, helping you to "build stronger customer relationships, make more sales and save time". Cin7's integration allows you to maintain your Capsule whilst benefitting from the advanced inventory features of Cin7. Integrating Capsule with Cin7 will allow you to:

  • Create contacts in Cin7 from Capsule.
  • Update contacts in Cin7 from Capsule.
  • Create contacts in Capsule from Cin7.
  • Create opportunities in Capsule from Cin7 Quotes.

Setup and Use

Setting up the integration is a simple process of adding the module from the app store and clicking connect. For more information see Setting up Capsule.

Contacts can be shared between the two systems, see Sharing Contacts between Cin7 and Capsule.

Quotes can also be created in Capsule as opportunities, see Inserting Opportunities into Capsule.

For a list of fields that are updated by the integration, please see Reference: Capsule and Cin7 Fields.