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Installing and Using Google Drive

Last updated 08/09/2020

How to install and use Google Drive with Cin7.


Cin7 can connect to Google Drive to provide additional storage for files and link them to Contacts, Products, and transactions such as Sales Orders and Purchase Orders.

Connecting Google Drive to Cin7

To connect Google Drive to Cin7:

  1. From the left navigation, click on App Store
  2. Search for Google Drive, then click Request App Installation, then Install
  3. Navigate to the app, which can now be found in the Admin menu in the left navigation
  4. Click Connect, and follow the prompts to link to your Google account
  5. Once connected, in the Google Drive app, you will be given the option to either search for a parent folder (the folder you wish all uploads to be placed in) or create a new parent folder
  6. Once the parent folder has been chosen, you can use the integration app to:
    • Create folders,
    • Upload new files,
    • and browse existing files.

Once installed, a new link will be added to the Contact Details, Product Details and Order admin pages.

Using Google Drive with Cin7

Google Drive can be used to attach files to transactions such as Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Products and Contacts. To do this:

  1. Find the Google Drive link in the relevant page:
    • On the contacts page this can be found in the Contact Details section
    • In the products page this can be found under the Classifications section
    • In transactions, this can be found in the admin screen, at the top of the screen.
      Google Drive Link Cin7
  2. Clicking on this link will create a file in your Google Drive parent Cin7 file
    • Contacts and transactions will be in a folder with the Company name (or First and Last Name if there is no Company), with a subfolder Uploaded Files for files uploaded from the contact and a subfolder with the transaction reference when uploaded from the transaction.
    • Products will be in a folder Products with a subfolder for the Product ID.
  3. You will be taken to a page where you can upload a document to the folder that has been created
  4. Click Choose File, to find the file, then click Upload to upload a file

Disconnecting Google Drive

If you no longer wish to use the integration, or you experience persistent connection problems, you may wish to disconnect Google Drive.

This can be done by navigating to the settings page (administrators only) within the Google Drive module and clicking the Disconnect button.