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Mailchimp Overview

Last updated 30/09/2020

Connect Mailchimp to Cin7 to insert contacts into a specified mailing list.


Mailchimp is an emailing marketing system that "allow[s] you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns." Integrating Mailchimp with Cin7 will allow you to:

  • Insert contacts into a specified Mailchimp list, and
  • Synchronize unsubscribes.

Setup and Use

Setting up the integration is a simple process of taking API details from Mailchimp and entering it into the Cin7 Mailchimp module. Please see Connecting Cin7 to Mailchimp.

Contacts can be added quickly to a list, for more information please see Using the Mailchimp Integration.

A webhook can be set up to allow unsubscribes to be synchronized with Cin7. See Managing Mailchimp Unsubscribes.