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ShipStation Overview

Last updated 16/02/2017

Connect your ShipStation account to Cin7 to allow seamless order processing.


ShipStation is "Shipping Software That Makes Your Life Easier". Their cloud solution "integrates with all of the most popular shopping carts and marketplaces (more than any other shipping and eCommerce fulfilment software). In just minutes, you can easily connect all of your online selling channels to ShipStation."

Integrating Cin7 with ShipStation will allow you to:

  • Natively add shipping fees calculated by ShipStation to Sales Orders.
  • Import orders to ShipStation for label and dispatch.
  • Update Cin7 with shipment status and details once an order has been dispatched.

Setup and Use

Setting up the integration is a simple process of obtaining an API and secret from ShipStation and entering it into the Cin7 ShipStation module. Please see Connecting Cin7 to ShipStation.

Once added, shipping fees can be calculated from within the Sales Order module, please see Adding ShipStation Shipping Fees to a Sales Order.

Orders can also be synchronised with ShipStation; please see Syncing Sales Orders with ShipStation.

The exact details of the fields that get imported to ShipStation are outlined in Reference: ShipStation Settings.