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Last updated 15/02/2017

Connect your Shiptheory account to Cin7 to allow seamless order processing.


Shiptheory is "Fully integrated shipping at its smartest. Ship smarter by letting Shiptheory automate your shipping and save you hours of work every day". Their cloud solution "integrates with many popular carriers and channels".

Integrating Cin7 with Shiptheory will allow you to:

  • Import orders to Shiptheory for label and dispatch
  • Update Cin7 Sales Orders from Shiptheory.

Setup and Use

Setting up the integration is a simple process of creating an account with Shiptheory and entering the login details into the Cin7 Shiptheory module. Please see Connecting Cin7 to Shiptheory.

The exact details of the fields that get imported to Shiptheory are outlined in Reference: Shiptheory Update Fields.