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Cin7 EDI/3PL Portal

Last updated 14/03/2021


The Cin7 EDI/3PL Portal provides complete visibility and streamlined processes as a new integration is being set up in a Cin7 account. It allows users to monitor the set-up progress, submit required information, and perform compliance testing, right from a Cin7 account. This reduces reliance on email for users to communicate with Cin7 and can help accelerate the set-up process so the integration can be used sooner.

Accessing the EDI/3PL Portal

One EDI/3PL Portal is added to an account for each new integration. To access the portal:

  1. In the main Dashboard, under “Pending Connections”, select the new integration. This is the name of the EDI  or 3PL being connected. (e.g., Amazon Vendor)
  2. The EDI/3PL Portal “Status” page appears.

Note: The portal can also be accessed at any time under “Integrations” in the Left Navigation Pane.

EDI/3PL Portal pages

The EDI/3PL Portal includes pages used to monitor integration progress, submit information, perform testing, and learn about using an integration.

Status Track the progress of an integration as it is being set up. 
Setup Submit basic information to Cin7 required to proceed with setting up an integration. Read more
Compliance Conduct testing and ensure data is flowing correctly through the integration. Read more.
Resources Watch help videos on how to use the specific integration after it goes live.   

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