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Setting up PC-EFTPOS

Last updated 01/03/2021

Cin7 can integrate with PC-EFTPOS terminals. This article explains how to set up PC-EFTPOS and use the integration.


PC-ECFTPOS is 'the leading specialist supplier of Integrated EFTPOS payment solutions in Australia.'

Cin7's integration with PC-EFTPOS allows our POS to connect directly with your card PIN pad, removing the need for manually entering amounts into your terminal, and improving accuracy and efficiency as a result.

Our integration for PC-EFTPOS is only possible for Windows users.

PC-EFTPOS works in both New Zealand and Australia. However we support different hardware brands for each territory:

  • Australia - see this list of supported terminals
  • New Zealand - Ingenico ITC250 and lwL252 Terminals on the Paymark Network

Please check with our support team if you have any concerns about compatibility.

Setting up PC-EFTPOS

Step One - Installing the USB Adaptor Drivers (optional)

Follow this step if you connect your EFTPOS terminal via a USB-Serial Adaptor, like the one pictured below.

If your EFTPOS terminal is plugged into an RS-232 port on your computer then skip to Step Two.

In order to connect the EFTPOS machine via a USB-Serial adaptor:

  1. Follow the instructions and/or install any software provided with the cable.
  2. Once the cable driver has installed, plug in your serial cable into the EFTPOS terminal, and plug the USB connector into your computer.
Step Two – Verifying your COM port

You will need to know which port your device is connected to for a later step - to do this:

  1. Navigate to the control panel of your computer and click on Device Manager, expand Ports (COM & LPT).
  2. Identify the COM port to which your EFTPOS terminal is connected. e.g. in the example above the port is ‘COM3’.
Step Three – Installing the PC-EFTPOS Client
  1. Insert the PCEFTPOS CD-ROM provided into your disk tray or download the software at the PC-EFTPOS website.
  2. In your File Explorer navigate to My Computer -> (Your Disk Drive) -> CurrentReleases -> ‘PcEftposRelease’.
  3. Follow the instructions on the PCEFTPOS website.
Step Four - Setting Up the Client
  1. In the system tray to the right of the taskbar, double-click PC-EFTPOS Client GUI.
  2. The following window will be displayed:
  3. Make sure the COM Port is selected to be the same COM Port the EFTPOS terminal is connected.
  4. The status of the COM Port should display as ‘PINPAD ONLINE’
  5. Click Close.
Step Five - Adding PC-EFTPOS Details to Cin7

To set up PC-EFTPOS you will need to add some information to Cin7 about your PC-EFTPOS terminal:

  1. Whilst logged in as an Administrator click on your username, top right, then click Settings.
  2. Click on POS Payments.
  3. From the bottom half of the screen, change the PC EFTPOS dropdown to 'Yes'.
    Some additional fields will appear.
  4. Your PC-EFTPOS Sever Address gets filled in by default. Do not modify this field.
  5. Choose if you want to print a receipt from the card terminal in addition to the Cin7 receipt.
  6. Click Save.
Step Six - Link PC-EFTPOS to a Payment Method

Next, associate the PC-EFTPOS instance with the 'card' payment method.

  1. At the top of the screen, click Edit next to the Card payment option.
  2. From Eftpos dropdown, select PCEftpos.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save these settings.

For more details on setting up POS Payments, see Setting up POS Payments.

Taking a Payment

To take a payment:

  1. Log in to the POS as usual, and make a Sale. See Creating a Sale for more information.
  2. Click PAY.
  3. Select the payment method - either 'Card' or 'Amex'/'Mastercard'/'Visa' depending on your setup.
  4. If your EFTPOS terminal is connected to your POS then a pop-up will display prompting the customer to ‘Swipe Card’.
  5. Once the customer swipes their card, a prompt will display to select their account and enter their PIN number.
  6. Once the customer enters their PIN and presses enter, the transaction will get processed and either be approved or declined.
  7. The transaction will then proceed to the receipt print page as usual.


When I attempt a PC-EFTPOS transaction on the Cin7 POS nothing happens?

Make sure you have installed PC-EFTPOS with the correct settings and the ‘Address’ field in the host interface is left blank. If you encounter any issues with installation, you can contact PCEFTPOS directly on support@pceftpos.com.au

When I attempt a PC-EFTPOS transaction, why does a new tab open up?

The PC-EFTPOS payment gateway uses HTTP, therefore you will see the new tab whenever you process a payment on PC-EFTPOS, as you are transitioning from Cin7's HTTPS to the gateway's HTTP protocol.