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Last updated 15/01/2020

This article explains Windcave and how to set up a Windcave terminal with Cin7.


Windcave is a POS Payments provider. Windcave was formerly known as DPS. They provide "A global end to end platform for ecommerce, retail and unattended that facilitates payments seamlessly in real time."

This article explains how to set up Windcave with Cin7.

Setting up Cin7

Each Windcave terminal has a Terminal ID that will be provided upon purchase of the unit, and likely written underneath the terminal itself. You will need to find these details as you will need them later.

To set up a Windcave terminal with Cin7 you will need to create a 'register' for each POS and terminal pairing in your company.

Creating Registers
  1. Whilst logged in as an Administrator click on your username, top right, then click Settings.
  2. From the POS menu, select POS Register Setup
  3. Click Create New.
  4. Enter the Register Code from the POS register in the Register Code field.
  5. In the Location field, enter a user-friendly name of your choice that will be used to identify this terminal. You can choose whatever you like.
  6. From the Terminal Type dropdown, select DPS.
  7. Enter the DPS Terminal’s Terminal ID into the Terminal ID field that appears.
  8. Click Save.

Repeat this process for each of the POS registers in your company.

After setting up the registers, share the Cin7 PoS Register Code for the terminal connected (also known as the DeviceID) with DPS. You will receive the HIT user and key. Please make note of these.

Switching on Windcave and linking it to a Payment Method

To switch on Windcave:

  1. Whilst logged in as an Administrator click on your username, top right, then click Settings.
  2. Click on POS Payments.
  3. From the bottom half of the screen, change the DPS dropdown to v2.
  4. Enter the DPS EFTPOS User and DPS EFTPOS Key that was provided by DPS
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

Next, link the DPS terminal to the 'Card' Payment Method in Cin7.

  1. Navigate the POS Payments Settings, if you are not already there (see step one above).
  2. Click Edit next to the Card payment option.
  3. From the Pinpad dropdown, select DPS.
  4. Click Update for this line item.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save these settings.

You should now have two different payment methods, both associated with DPS. For more details on setting up POS Payments, see Setting up POS Payments.

Using your Windcave Terminal with Cin7

To use the payment method in the POS:

  1. Make a Sale or Return as you usually would.
  2. When you press the associated button in your POS interface, Cin7 will automatically pass the amount to the DPS machine assigned with this pinpad.
  3. A receipt will be printed from Cin7's POS (depending on your receipt setup).