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Syncing Settings

Last updated 29/01/2021

Sync settings to update the POS with Cin7.

Syncing POS Settings

The POS fully syncs with Cin7 three times a day. New sales or new customers are synced in real time.

In normal operation of the POS, you should not need to manually sync at all. However, there may be times when the POS falls out of sync with Cin7. This could be due to products that have changed in Cin7 or because the POS has been offline for some amount of time.

Manually syncing is easy. There are two ways to do this:

  • Select the sync button (a circle of small dots) on the Login screen of the POS.
  • Select the Sync¬†button after logging in to the POS.

Once manually synched, information between the POS and Cin7 should be back to current.