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Cancelling or Voiding a Layby

Last updated 30/09/2020

How to void a layby in the POS.

Cancelling a Layby

If a customer no longer wishes to proceed with a layby, you can cancel the layby and credit the balance paid so far. To cancel a layby:

  1. Select the menu icon in the top left, and from the Laybys section, select List Laybys.
  2. Search for the specific layby, then select its Ref.
  3. Hover over the Actions button.
  4. Select Cancel Layby And Convert To Store Credit.
  5. Select OK.
  6. A credit note will be created with the value of the balance paid.

The existing layby will be deleted.

Voiding a Layby

It is likely that some laybys will expire before the remaining balances are paid. In this situation, the customer forfeits the money paid.

To void a layby entirely:

  1. While logged in to the POS, hover over Laybys.
  2. Select List Laybys.
  3. Search for the specific layby, then select its Ref.
  4. Select Void.

The layby will be deleted.