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Creating a Layby

Last updated 29/01/2021

How to create a Layby to allow customers to partially pay for a product.


A layby is a product or products that have been paid for in part by the customer but ownership has not yet transferred to the customer. Typically, stores will keep the products in layby until the balance is fully paid.

Laybys in Cin7 do two things:

  • Remove the item or items from stock available to a holding location called "laybys". This ensures the product cannot be sold again.
  • Stores and tracks payments made against a transaction.

When the final payment is made, the layby will be converted into a sale.

Creating a Layby

To create a Layby:

  1. Select the menu icon in the top left, and from the Laybys section, select New Layby.
  2. Add a customer to the transaction by either creating a new customer, or selecting an existing one.
    A customer must be applied to a transaction to make a layby.
  3. Add the product(s) to the layby.
  4. Select Pay to add the first payment to the transaction.
  5. In the tendered amount field, add the first payment amount.
  6. Select Finish Layby.

The layby will now be saved.


Can I make a sale and a layby in the same transaction?

No. Because sales and laybys are two different transaction types, you must make two different transactions for sales and laybys.

Is a layby the same as opening a customer account?

Not exactly.  When a customer opens an account, they will typically take the goods with them and you will offer an invoice with payment terms attached. This can be done in the POS but through a different method.

We don't use laybys; can we remove it from the menu?

Laybys are typically used in Australia and New Zealand.  If you'd like it removed from the menu, contact Cin7 Support.