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Searching Laybys and Viewing Remaining Balances

Last updated 29/01/2021

How to find laybys the associated remaining balance.

Searching Laybys

To search for a layby:

  1. Select the menu icon in the top left, and from the Laybys section, select List Laybys.
  2. Use the filters and keyword search box to find the layby.

Checking Remaining Balances

To check how much remains to be paid on a specific invoice:

  1. Find the layby, as detailed above.
  2. In the list screen, review the Total, Paid, and Balance column amounts to understand the total, paid, and balance amounts of each layby. 

To inspect a breakdown of payments that have been made for a transaction:

  1. From the list page, select Ref.
  2. Within the Payment Details box, each payment is reviewable.

Do not add payments from the Admin page of an order; instead, use the process outlined in the Adding Payments or Completing Laybys Help article instead.