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Branch Transfers in the POS

Last updated 05/10/2017

Transfer stock from one branch to another with Branch Transfers.


Branches are separate geographic locations where stock is stored. When goods are sent to your branch from another branch - perhaps from a warehouse - they can be received into stock from the POS.

You can also send stock back to the warehouse by creating a Branch Transfer in the opposite direction.

Receiving Branch Transfers

You can receive goods from a branch transfer using the POS. Unlike the backend, the Branch Transfers section of the POS only allows you to see the transfers created or to be received by the branch you are logged in to.

To receive goods in:

  1. Click on the menu icon, top left, and from the Branch Transfers section click List Transfers.
  2. Find the Branch Transfer that is to be received.
  3. Click on the transaction reference to edit the order
  4. Add a Completed/Received date. This moves the stock out of holding and into the your branch.
  5. Click Save Back to List

Creating Branch Transfers

If you wish to transfer products from your store to another branch, you must create a new branch transfer.

To do this:

  1. Click on the menu icon, top left, and from the Branch Transfers section click New Transfer.
  2. Click New Branch Transfers.
  3. In the Branch field, top left, type in the originating branch from which the stock is being transferred.
  4. Select the receiving branch to which you are transferring stock by selecting from the branch dropdown.
  5. Enter the products to be transferred in the product grid below.
  6. Enter an Approval date if appropriate, then enter a Dispatched Date which will move the stock out of the branch and into holding.
  7. Click Approve to finalise the transfer.


Can you scan items into a branch transfer?

At this stage it is not possible to scan items into a branch transfer.