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Last updated 08/11/2020

Barcode scanners are a quick way to enter barcoded products into the POS or Pick 'n' Pack modules.


For both the POS and Pick 'n' Pack modules, handheld scanners can be used to input information.

Scanners typically act as a keyboard, and have the same effect as typing a number and pressing "return". If used in combination with the POS and Pick 'n' Pack modules, scanning an item will search for an item, and then enter it into a transaction.

Cin7 recommends the following two specific scanners that have been successfully tested with the application. Other scanners may work; testing one of these alternative scanners for Cin7 compatibility is recommended before purchasing.

Zebra CS3000/3070 Companion


The Zebra CS3000 and CS30700 scanners work wirelessly via Bluetooth, ideal for use with a tablet or similar mobile device.

Using a Bluetooth scanner with a tablet can sometimes prevent the keyboard from displaying when connected; testing the compatibility of this scanner with the chosen tablet is recommended.

Additional details on both scanners can be found on the Zebra CS3000 Scanner overview page.

Zebra Symbol LS2208 USB


This scanner is ideal for fixed locations, such as a PC or laptop running the POS. It connects via USB.

Before using the Motorola LS2208 Barcode Scanner with the Cin7 POS, you must first configure it to add a new line character (i.e., carriage return or enter key), after the barcode has been scanned. This is achieved by scanning a particular set of barcodes in a specific order. Try scanning the following:

On overview of the scanner can be found on the Zebra Symbol LS2208 USB page, while full instructions and barcodes can be found in the LS 2208 User Manual and Quick Start Guide.


Can barcode scanners be used to enter information into Cin7's backend?

Cin7's backend was not designed for scanner input. If you wish to scan multiple items to a sales order, you could consider using the Point of Sale to do this, or scan into a spreadsheet first, then import the items.