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Issuing and Redeeming Store Credits

Last updated 29/01/2021

How to give Store Credits to customers to redeem at a later date.

Issuing a Store Credit

You may offer store credits in lieu of a direct refund. Cin7 can issue credits to customers and allow customers to redeem credits against one or many transactions.

To issue a credit:

  1. Return a product or products as normal.
  2. Make sure you have added a customer to the transaction.
  3. When you select the REFUND button, an option will be available for Store Credit.
  4. Print the receipt. 
    If any Store Credit Terms have been added in the receipt builder, these will appear on the receipt.

The customer should keep the receipt as proof of the credit. The credit will be stored in the system for as long as the expiry period which can be configured in the POS Settings.

Redeeming a Store Credit

If a customer wants to redeem a credit:

  1. Search for the customer and continue with the sale as normal.
  2. Once all products are in the order, complete the sale as usual by clicking PAY.
  3. Select Store Credit to reveal a list of Credit Notes assigned to the customer.
  4. To add a credit to the order, select the Code.
  5. In the dialog box that opens, select OK to confirm the redemption.
  6. The value of the credit will be taken from the total.
  7. If the value redeemed is greater than or equal to the total, select Finish Order.
    Any remaining credit can be redeemed at a later stage.
  8. If the value redeemed is less than the total of the order, the customer will have to pay the remaining amount.


How are Store Credits handled by Cin7 POS ?

Cin7 store credits can be applied to a sale either as a discount or payment. See the POS Settings Help article for additional information.