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Making a Sale

Last updated 15/11/2018

Making a sale is the most common task you will do in the POS.

Basic Sales

To make a sale, first enter the name of the customer. This ensures that your CRM promotions are correctly applied when you start entering the products.

Next, search for a product. There are three ways to do this:

  • Scan the product - if you have a barcode scanner, a scanned product will appear immediately in the transaction
  • Search for the product in the small search box - search by product name or code, and press enter to add it to the transaction.
  • Search for the product in the large search area - this is found to the right or bottom of the screen depending on your screen size. Pressing enter will search for the product. Click on the product to add it to a transaction.

Next, take a payment for the transaction.

  1. Check the total of the sale.
  2. Click PAY.
    The total due amount is displayed.
  3. Take payment from the customer.
  4. Select the appropriate payment type.
    The receipt is ready for printing.
  5. Click Print.

Cash Payments

The POS can calculate the change required for your customer:

  1. Make a sale as above, and click PAY.
  2. Enter the amount of cash that the customer gives you in the TENDERED box.
    You can use a keyboard or the onscreen keypad to the right.
  3. Press Cash.
  4. The change given will be displayed.
  5. The transaction will proceed to the print screen.

Card Payments

  1. Make a sale as above, and click PAY.
  2. Take the card payment before pressing the payment type.
    (Unless you have an integrated pinpad.)
  3. Chose a card payment type.
  4. The transaction will proceed to the print screen.

Part Payments

It is possible to split payments between a number of different payment types.

To do this:

  1. Make a sale as above, and click PAY.
  2. Enter the first amount to be paid in the TENDERED box.
  3. Choose a payment type.
    The payment will be added above the Pay Button. The remaining amount will by shown in the TENDERED box.
  4. Repeat this process if necessary. When there is no more to be paid, you will be taken to the print screen.
    To remove a payment click del.

Canceling a Sale

You can cancel a sale at any stage in the sales process.

To cancel a sale:

  1. Click Cancel Order.
  2. Click OK to confirm.

No record of the sale will be kept.