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Importing Gift Vouchers and Store Credits

Last updated 29/01/2021

How to import your pre-existing Gift Cards/Vouchers and Store Credits in Bulk.


Gift Cards/Vouchers and Store Credits can be imported into the system in bulk using our easy to use import wizard. This is useful when you have a number of pre-existing vouchers when you first start using Cin7.

Gift Card/Vouchers and Store Credits have distinct functions:

  • Gift Card/Voucher - an amount bought by a customer that can be redeemed at a certain point in time.
  • Credit Note - an amount given to the customer in lieu of a refund, that can be redeemed at a certain point in time.

Gift Cards/Gift Vouchers or Store Credits to be imported should be prepared in a spreadsheet, with one row per Voucher/Credit. An example of what the spreadsheet should look like can be found below.


The import template for standard Gift vouchers can be found here: Import Template.

Importing the Data

Once you have prepared your spreadsheet, you are ready to import into the system.

  1. While logged in as an Administrator, select your username in the top right and then select Settings.
  2. From the POS menu, select POS Gift Vouchers & Store Credit.
  3. Select Import/Export
  4. Choose between pasting or uploading the spreadsheet data as a .csv file.
  5. Select Next Step.
  6. Match the columns in your spreadsheet to the fields in the drop-down list. An explanation of each field is provided below.
    An example from your spreadsheet is provided for your information.
  7. If any contacts in your list do not match to entries in Cin7, then you will be given an opportunity to download the spreadsheet so that you can investigate, and if need be import new contacts.
  8. Once confirmed, continue by selecting Next Step.
  9. Select Test to see if importing will cause any errors. The results should show a successful import.
  10. Select Import New Gift Vouchers to continue.
    Your Gift Cards/Vouchers or Store Credits have now been imported!
  11. Select Finish, Back to Gift Vouchers to go back to the Gift Voucher List page.

Manually Entering Gift Vouchers

You can also manually create store credits using Cin7's backend:

  1. While logged in as an Administrator, select your username in the top right and then select Settings.
  2. From the POS menu, select POS Gift Vouchers & Store Credit.
    All gift vouchers and store credits are stored here, and can be useful for searching for existing vouchers.
  3. Select Add New.
  4. Enter as a minimum Code, Type, Expiry Date and Amount.

Exporting Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers can be imported in a spreadsheet too. To do this:

  1. Whilst logged in as an Administrator click on your username, top right, then click Settings.
  2. Click on POS Gift Vouchers & Store Credit.
  3. Click on Import/Export
  4. Click Export.


The following are fields that can be imported through the order import:

Field Notes
Code Required. A unique code that specifies the Gift Card/Voucher, Store Credit or Promotion. Codes should be longer than 4 digits, and should not contain any spaces.
Expiry Date Required. The format of the date should match the Culture settings found in the Company Profile. If the Culture is "English (United States)", your date should be in mm/dd/yyyy format. Otherwise, use the dd/mm/yyyy format.
Amount Required. Values should be numeric.
Type Required. Possible values:
  • Gift Voucher
  • Store Credit
  • Promotion
First Name Optional. See note below.
Last Name


If both First Name and Last Name are specified, and First Name has a value, Cin7 will attempt to link this gift voucher to a contact.

If a contact couldn't be matched, you will get an error message specifying the vouchers/store credits that have the issue. If multiple contacts were matched, you'll get an error message showing the duplicate contacts.